One factor is particularly important for the success of your product: the ideal raw materials. CONDETTA has a wealth of experience in this field.

Raw materials expertise One factor is particularly important for the success of your product: the ideal raw materials. CONDETTA has a wealth of experience in this field.

Our expertise, which we have honed over many years of experience in the food industry, is continuously being developed in cooperation with renowned suppliers. As a subsidiary of AUGUST STORCK KG, we can provide you with the raw material expertise and procurement services of the entire STORCK Group. Our concentrated knowledge flows into the development of your products.

New innovation

With CONDETTA SECOA, we are now launching a new type of low-germ cocoa powder on the market. Our product has been proven to have very low total germ count of <10 CFU/g - and shows no growth of thermoresistant spores. In other words: With our innovation, you ensure the quality of your product. And very important: CONDETTA SECOA also tastes delicious.

Perhaps we have aroused your curiosity? Then let our portfolio of low-germ products inspire you.
Further information about our CONDETTA SECOA can already be found in this article


We believe that a good product can only be produced by processing the optimum raw materials for your needs. Recognising quality requires a good feeling for the right raw materials. The understanding of interactions between consistency-giving components (thickening agents, hydrocolloids) with flavour-giving raw materials (cocoa, flavour compounds), as well as sweetening and colouring, is particularly pronounced in our company.

This experience was accumulated during our 70 years of operation. And as its subsidiary, we benefit from the competent purchasing department of the STORCK Group. 

Range of services

Due to our knowledge of raw materials for the food product industry, which we have gained over many years, you can expect the following from CONDETTA:

  • Participation in the purchasing department of the STORCK Group
    • Daily market observation and active participation in the commodities market
    • Large purchasing volumes
    • Access to a large number of certified suppliers
    • High availability of raw materials
    • Opportunities to procure special raw materials
  • Product development competence in the interaction and effect of individual raw materials
  • Excellent quality of raw materials in all price segments Information on the raw materials trends of tomorrow

Areas of use

Regardless of whether you require individual products or compounds, specific product solutions or a customised complete solution – raw materials are the first and most important step. And because we understand the interplay of raw materials and end products here at CONDETTA, we are able to get the best out of your product.

This also applies if you wish to react to the rising prices of raw materials in the early stages of production or would like to use a new raw material with an unfamiliar source.

Bundle your purchasing volume with us and obtain your raw materials from a single source. 

Who to contact

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