We supply a wide range of companies in the food product industry with our high-quality compounds, in all price segments.

Compounds & contract manufacturing We supply a wide range of companies in the food product industry with our high-quality compounds, in all price segments.

Take advantage of the many benefits of doing business with a compound manufacturer. In addition to consultation and product development services, you can also profit from production and logistics-related benefits, thereby significantly reducing your internal workload. Upon request, we can also act as a contract producer and take exclusive responsibility for the entire mixing and filling process of your product.


We develop CONDETTA basic ingredients in close cooperation with our customers and support them professionally throughout the entire production process – from the concept development and technological consultation all the way to the finished product.

Our compounds are more than just powders. We cater to your needs and offer excellent advice, rounded off by our many years of expertise in raw materials and professional product development. Our full-service package encompasses all of the abovementioned services, resulting in the implementation of your product solution made with high-quality raw materials. 

Range of services

We create quality compounds and offer contract manufacturing according to your wishes. Design your own customised full-service package:

  • One CONDETTA compound = one raw material mixture. You only coordinate one item, instead of sourcing each single raw material separately
    • No surpluses of individual raw materials
    • Only one expiry date
    • Fewer inspections for goods received
    • You minimise your inventory and reduce efforts in production preparation
    • Reduction of process steps with process reliability
  • Precise package units weighed to the kilogram
  • Flexible just-in-time delivery
  • Support with error analysis
  • Fast, computerised batch tracking and handling of reference samples
  • High quality standards


We supply three large segments in the food product industry with our high-quality compounds: dairy products, baked goods and ice cream. You determine what you need – from the production of a predetermined contract compound to a customised full package with CONDETTA compounds. We will provide you with our full support as your competent partner, regardless of whether you require conventional mixtures or any of our vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal or organic products.