CONDETTA Compounds for baked goods

Baked goods Our delicious customised compounds for baked goods will fulfil our customers’ every wish.

CONDETTA’s basic ingredients will give your product a special quality. Our expertise ranges from moist cakes and muffins to creamy fillings and cold creamy puddings to cookies or pizza bites.

We also offer special vegan compounds for cakes, cold puddings and cream stabiliser.

We will also be happy to supply you with special organic, halal or kosher compounds for baked goods.
Our range of products for the baked goods sector consists of:

Fine baked goods

  • Cream stabiliser
  • Cold puddings
  • Hot puddings
  • Sweet fillings
  • Toppings
  • Sauces
  • Cakes and muffins


  • Savoury fillings
  • Snackballs
  • Seasonal baguettes
  • Cookies

Who to contact

CONDETTA Product development
Paulinenweg 12
33790 Halle (Westphalia)
  • (0 52 01) 12-86 33
  • (0 52 01) 12-11 86 33