CONDETTA Ice cream compounds

Ice cream Our expertise in raw materials allows us to provide you with the perfect compounds for delicious ice cream.

CONDETTA not only ensures a great taste, but also the appropriate consistency – with our customised compounds for delicious ice cream.

We will also be happy to supply you with special organic, halal or kosher compounds for ice cream.
Our range of products for the ice cream sector consists of:

Soft ice cream

  • Instant
  • Pasteurised/UHT

Handmade, artisan ice cream

  • Instant
  • Pasteurised/UHT

Who to contact

CONDETTA Product development
Paulinenweg 12
33790 Halle (Westphalia)
  • (0 52 01) 12-86 33
  • (0 52 01) 12-11 86 33